My skillset is primarily in front-end engineering and web development. I’m also comfortable with data science programming and research methods. In the long-term, I hope to move closer towards being a fullstack engineer or data engineer.

Languages: Javascript, Python, C, R, SQL
Frameworks: VueJS/Nuxt
Version Control: Git
Project Management: Jira
CI/CD: Jenkins
Automation Tools: Selenium
Relevant Libraries: Pandas, Numpy, SciPy
Other Technologies: Node.JS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Storybook.JS, Squarespace Dev Platform, jQuery

Internship Projects

Digitas Intel Point of Sale (IPOS) Team
VueJS, Nuxt, Javascript, HTML/CSS/SASS, Git, Jenkins, Jira, and Storybook
Chicago Ventures LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool
Python, Selenium, Kivy, lxml, and Sales Navigator

Side Projects

Midway Ventures Website (
Squarespace 7.0 Developer Platform, Javascript, HTML/CSS/LESS, jQuery, Greensock, Git, Google Forms

School Related Projects

Visualizing U.S. State Legislature Partisanship
R, Python

Older Projects

FTC Fradulent Marketing Analysis
Python, PKL, Numpy, Pandas
Scraping Drug Information from
Python, Selenium, lxml
Cataloguing New Venture Challenge Alumni
Python, BeautifulSoup